Stimulus Bill Links

 Memo from Commissioner Chester regarding use of stimulus funds:

Initial allocation of IDEA funds to school districts:

List of communities receiving stimulus funds can be found at:

Mass Budget and Policy Analysis by area of the budget is at:

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2 Responses to Stimulus Bill Links

  1. Wally McKenzie says:

    One important point on the Stimulus funds that must be highlighted is the fact that the stimulus monies in the chart are based on the Governor’s House 1 Budget proposal. The stimulus funds would only be allocated as noted in the chart IF the Legislature fully adopts the House 1 Budget as proposed. IF the Legislature does not allocate Chapter 70 Funds in exactly the same way as the governor has proposed in House 1, then the Stimulus amounts will change. Historically the Legislature has not fully adopted House 1 budget proposals.

    The proposed Stimulus funds are to bring those communities that do not meet the minimum Chapter 70 funding aide requirements in the proposed budget.

  2. Wally McKenzie says:

    According to a memo from DESE, however, the stimulus funds will be distributed through a grant directly to school districts, however, and will not flow through the Chapter 70 formula. At least, that’s what I’m hearing this aftenoon. See attached memo.

    Also, people should be aware that the dollars for individual districts published for IDEA funds is only the first part of the money. The rest of the money will be coming later. Also, it’s not half each time, but the bigger dollar amount comes first.

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