Municipal Relief Commission Report

The Report can be found at:

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One Response to Municipal Relief Commission Report

  1. Marianne Cooley says:

    I really don’t understand the double speak that pertains to unfunded mandates. There are some good legislators on this commission, but they’ve just left my jaw on the floor. If the State says that we must provide for special education and they will pay for 75% of the amount four times over foundation…and then decides to only pay 50%, that is not an unfunded mandate? While it is not clear here, someone who attended the breakfast tried to explain to me that if a requirement (mandate) pre-dated prop 2 1/2, then it wasn’t an unfunded mandate because the commission was only looking at things since prop 2 1/2 was passed. The letter from the commission, however, seems to indicate that they are leaving an “unfunded mandates” since the passage of prop 2 1/2 to be determined by the State Auditor’s Division of Local Mandates? What is the truth?

    This area needs a great deal more sunlight.

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