Correct Mailing Address

There was a recent issue with our Post Office Box and some mail may have been returned.  The issue has been corrected and our mailing address is the same as before.

Suburban Coalition
P.O. Box 103
Concord,  MA  01742

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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6 Responses to Correct Mailing Address

  1. Laurie Catalano says:

    I have tried to mail our fy2011 dues twice but it was returned again on 8/25/10. You may still be having mailbox issues.

  2. Suzanne Kane says:

    I too have tried to mail my dues twice and both times they have come back.
    Suzanne Kane
    Administrative Assistant for BOS/Town Administrator
    Town of Douglas

  3. Kathy Amirault says:

    I have tried twice to mail our membership dues and twice it has come back. How do we go about getting this matter fixed? The last check came back August 26, 2010.

  4. S Sutherland says:

    I have also tried to mail the menebership dues twice and today I received it back for the second time. Not sure if I should try and mail a third time.

  5. Ellen Miceli says:

    I have tried to mail the membership dues twice and just received it back for the second time today.

  6. Stu Sklar says:

    I’m the treasurer for the Suburban Coalition and would like to personally apologize for the PO Box issue. I have been reassured by the Post Office, on August 30th, that the problem has been resolved. If you get your mail returned, after this date, please send me the envelope with the return to sender on it and send me a quick email; My address is 39 Scott Rd, Harvard, MA 01451

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