Distinguished Panel to Discuss Election on Oct. 16

The November 4 mid-term elections will bring significant changes on Beacon Hill.  The outcome will influence policy and have implications for local officials.  Join us and a knowledgeable, high-powered panel to discuss how the election could affect municipal and education policy, and how we as local officials can effectively advocate for our communities.

Mo Cunningham, Associate Professor of Political Science at UMass Boston.  will be joining the panel.  Dr. Cunningham is a monthly contributor to commonwealthmagazine.org and is frequently interviewed in the media on local politics.

Other panelists include Michael Widmer, President of Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation. Mr. Widmer is well respected throughout the Commonwealth for his fiscal analysis.  He will be retiring at the end of this year, so fans of Mr. Widmer might want to take advantage of this opportunity to hear him speak.

Representative Tom Conroy will also be joining the panel.  Rep. Conroy represents Sudbury, Framingham, Wayland and Marlborough.  He is well-respected by local officials in his district for his attention to local issues.

The Suburban Coalition is a statewide organization of local officials that advocates for the resources, funding and support at the state level to sustain vibrant communities throughout the Commonwealth. We work to ensure that every municipality has the resources to provide high-quality essential services of life safety, education and infrastructure maintenance to its citizens. We provide input to the state about local services, state funding and state regulations. By speaking with one voice, we can address mutual problems more effectively at the state level. The Suburban Coalition is the only statewide organization that brings together Selectmen, School Committees and Finance Committees and other local officials to jointly advocate for our communities. For more information, visit suburbancoalition.org



Dorothy Presser


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