Legislative Alert Supplemental Budget McKinney-Vento

A supplemental budget is under consideration by the Legislature. At this point, we do not believe that additional funding for McKinney-Vento is included in this supplemental budget. We encourage you to contact your legislators and let them know that this is an important item to include in any supplemental funding.

Transportation for homeless students so they can continue to attend school in the district of their last permanent address, referred to as McKinney-Vento, is a mandate required by DESE. In 2011, the State Auditor determined that this is an unfunded mandate and costs should be funded by the state, rather than by local school districts. This was first funded in FY13 at an amount of $11.5M. However, in the past two budgets, including FY15, it has been funded at $7.5M. At the same time, costs have grown significantly for some districts as the economy continues a slow recovery and the state established temporary housing in certain communities.

Since this is clearly identified as an unfunded mandate, there should be no question that it should be fully funded by the Legislature and these needed funds should flow to districts that are bearing these costs. Please contact your Legislators and let them know this is an important item to be included in any supplemental budget under consideration.

The Suburban Coalition is a statewide organization of local officials that advocates for the resources, funding and support at the state level to sustain vibrant communities throughout the Commonwealth. We work to ensure that every municipality has the resources to provide high-quality essential services of life safety, education and infrastructure maintenance to its citizens. We provide input to the state about local services, state funding and state regulations. By speaking with one voice, we can address mutual problems more effectively at the state level. The Suburban Coalition is the only statewide organization that brings together Selectmen, School Committees and Finance Committees and other local officials to jointly advocate for our communities.

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