Alert: Public Hearing – Foundation Budget Review Commission

The Foundation Budget Review Commission will be holding its first hearing on November 17 at 4:30 at the Holten Richmond Middle School at 55 Conant Street in Danvers. This is one of your best opportunities to advocate for your community on Chapter 70 funding. We encourage you to attend a hearing or submit testimony to the Review Commission.

Information on the hearing provided by the Statehouse follows as well as the dates for future hearings:

Event Description:

The Foundation Budget Review Commission will hold a public hearing on Monday, November 17th from 4:30-6:30 in the multi-purpose room at the Holten Richmond Middle School in Danvers.

Pursuant to Section 124 of Chapter 165 of the Acts of 2014, the commission’s purpose is to review the way foundation budgets are calculated and to make recommendations for potential changes in those calculations as the commission deems appropriate. The foundation budget, established in section 3 of chapter 70 of the General Laws, defines the minimum level of school spending necessary to provide an adequate education to students. Foundation budgets are established annually for each school district and reflect the specific grades, programs, and demographic characteristics of its students.

The commission has scheduled this public hearing for the purpose of soliciting testimony from members of the public on the following specific areas that the commission is charged with reviewing:

  1. The educational programs and services necessary to achieve the commonwealth’s educational goals and to prepare students to achieve passing scores on the state assessment system;
  2. The components and assumptions used in the calculation of foundation budgets;
  3. Measures to ensure that resources are effectively utilized; and
  4. Models of efficient and effective resource allocation.

Due to the limited time frame of the hearing, the number of persons providing oral testimony and the length of such testimony will be limited to 3 minutes per person.

If you require special accommodations or have any questions regarding the hearing, please contact Jennie Williamson, Research Director of the Education Committee, at 617-722-2070.

Written comments and testimony will be also accepted after the hearing, and may be submitted to Jennie Williamson by e-mail

​to ​

Representative Alice H. Peisch Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz

House Chair ​ ​
Senate Chair

Future hearing dates are below. We will do our best to keep you informed of the locations once they become available:

Date Location

Public Hearing #1 Monday, November 17 @ 4:30PM North Shore (TBD)

Public Hearing #2 Monday, December 15 @ 4:30 PM South Shore (TBD)

Public Hearing #3 Saturday, January 10 @ 11:00AM Western MA (TBD)

Public Hearing #4 Saturday, January 24 @ 11:00AM Central MA (TBD)

Public Hearing #5 Saturday, February 14 @ 11:00AM Cape (TBD)

Public Hearing #6 Monday, March 9 @ 4:30PM Boston (TBD)

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