Who we are

The Suburban Coalition is a statewide organization of local officials that provides input to the state about local services, state funding and state regulations. By speaking with one voice, we can address mutual problems more effectively at the state level. The Suburban Coalition is the only statewide organization that brings together Selectmen, School Committees and Finance Committees and other local officials to jointly advocate for our communities.
Municipalities are charged with providing the essential services of public safety, education and infrastructure maintenance for their citizens. In addition, the health of the Massachusetts economy is inexorably linked to the strength of local communities. We believe it is imperative to build a working partnership with the state to effectively support our communities.
The Suburban Coalition engages in the following activities:

• Develops and publishes an annual position paper that speaks to the needs of our member communities.

• Advocates for our positions at the state level through meeting with legislators and administration officials.

• Sponsors an Annual Legislative Breakfast to foster interaction with legislators.

• Provides other opportunities for members to interact with state officials to discuss relevant issues.

• Informs members of developments at the state level that affect their communities.

• Provides members with data and information about relevant issues.

• Provides members with opportunities to network with colleagues in other communities.

The Suburban Coalition was founded in the early 1980s in response to Proposition 2 1/2 legislation. During the history of the organization, we have successfully advocated for legislative changes that have benefitted our communities, including:

• Advocated for a funding floor for Chapter 70, and was the first organization to do this.

• Advocated for the Senior Circuit Breaker, which provides property tax relief for qualifying Senior Citizens and was the first organization to do this, as well.

• Advocated for the Special Education Circuit Breaker, which provides relief to school districts for extraordinary special education costs.

• Supported the Municipal Partnership Act.

• Opposed Question 1, which would have eliminated the state income tax.

• Advocated for growth in state aid for roads and bridges through increases in Chapter 90.

• Advocated for annual increases in what was formerly called “minimum aid.”

The Suburban Coalition is bipartisan and does not support parties or individual candidates. 02/2009